“Candy Campbell traces the pattern of Hal Holbrook’s Mark Twain for authenticity and historical gravitas leavened with a sparkling wit…”

~ Bill Buchanan

Dr. Campbell has presented the Nightingale performance for nurse conferences, schools & university programs, plus public performances in four countries…so far!

No matter the age or stage of your group, audiences rave about Miss Nightingale—-nurse, statistician, linguist, humanitarian, social reformer—- a true Renaissance Woman. When you BOOK the performance, LET’S TALK about our Community Outreach Programs for your library, school, or fundraising events.

Actor Candy Campbell

How your virtual event with Miss Nightingale might appear…

A voice from the past with a CONTEMPORARY message ! HOW can you make a difference in this crazy, mixed up world? Miss Nightingale tackles the tough subjects that we wrestle with today: Diversity and acceptance vs Prejudice of color, class or country Overcoming fear and social conditioning Acceptance and support of self and others Make a Difference Miss Nightingale has a call to action for the world.


A 19th century humanitarian, author, statistician, researcher, nurse and visionary, Florence Nightingale presented new ways to think about healthcare and her visionary wisdom stands the test of time.